Not many would consider my boy (Sultan of Monaco) a beautiful cat, but to me, his wrinkly hairless body is a great addition to my new independent, quirky and a little bit odd life I lead.

Before moving into the independent units EACH Housing had available at Officer, I was torn between whether to bring my two elderly cats from home. Due to them both being 19 years of age I had decided not to move them because of their health, that the move would not be good for them to relocate to a new environment. Sadly I had to leave them behind.

Over the course of 6 months living in Officer, I’d constantly visited my two companions on a regular basis, as I missed them terribly. Missing my two companions, the day came when I chose to bring another special creature into my new home. That’s when I found Sultan.

I’ve always been drawn to unusual animals, at a young age I’ve always wanted a Sphynx. I found a lovely breeder in NSW who had one remaining kitten left out of the litter she had. The lucky last but most adorable one, Sultan become my new companion.

EACH accepted the idea of Sultan moving in and by them supporting me in my choice to have a pet, it has created a very warm homely environment that I can now share with my companions.

A year on from his arrival and Sultan has made his mark on this house. He’s definitely the King of the house and has me, his owner/servant wrapped around his little paw.

I couldn’t be more happy with my little family, in my home, being an independent young woman.

– Kira

Former Gembrook resident Kira, 23, is studying human resources and works as an HR manager for a disability services provider. Kira has had spinal muscular atrophy since she was born and uses a wheelchair.

She said EACH Housing shows there is another model besides group homes.