There are certain garden areas that are your responsibility to maintain – eg front and backyards.

The type of maintenance you may need to do to keep your garden areas tidy includes:

  • mowing lawns
  • watering
  • controlling weed growth
  • trimming shrubs, climbers and small trees.

If you don’t know what garden areas you’re responsible for contact the tenancy team on 9847 5916

Communal Areas

If you live in a group of units where there is a Body Corporate the communal area will most likely be maintained by the body corporate, you will still be responsible for maintaining the rear yard.

Tenants must keep the communal areas clean and free of obstacles.

Private areas

EACH Housing will provide help by:

  • removing or pruning dead or diseased trees of large shrubs
  • removing or pruning trees or large shrubs that have been assessed as a danger to you, your home or the sewerage systems
  • responding to damage caused by nature – eg storm damage.
  • For help with these issues contact EACH Housing When a tree needs to be pruned or removed, EACH Housing will:
  • seek permission from the relevant local council
  • comply with relevant legislation.

What EACH Housing will not do:

EACH Housing does not supply these materials or services:

  • lawn seed
  • trees and shrubs
  • sleepers
  • gravel
  • mulch, pine bark or woodchips
  • poison
  • fertiliser
  • paving or concrete slabs
  • dripper installation
  • lawn cutting or edging
  • construction or retaining walls
  • cutting or regular pruning of trees and shrubs
  • reconstruction or landscaping of tenant-maintained front and backyards