Getting a life when you have a disability is probably one of the hardest things to do. I spend many days dreaming of tomorrow and my future with little relief or change. Yesterday I had the fulfilment of a dream which had been repeated many times. Relaxed and at ease in my own home.

The absolute joy of being in one’s own home cannot be over estimated. It is enabling and precious. Secure and wonderful. Having a world that supports me is great and would not have been possible without EACH Housing. They stood by me and despite the challenges worked through them and got the job done. As I have really high needs it is important to ensure the boxes are ticked. The house EACH Housing has provided for me is superb. My disability does not require the usual access requirements such as ramps or wider doors as I am not in a wheelchair.

Enjoying life now is so much easier when all my precious belongings are here. My paintings, special items and photos all on view for me and everyone else to enjoy. Writing, painting and engaging with my lovely support staff. It was lovely when my sisters came to visit and have dinner with me. Mum and Dad are here often filling in the gaps while we wait for the NDIS.

Lots of good people are popping in. These include my community friends and the team from EACH who always engage with me and include me in discussion. Peter Ruzyla, who has known me for a long time brought me a lovely basket of goodies from the EACH Housing Board. These were eaten up in a short space of time and really appreciated.

Thank you EACH Housing for supporting me and making my dream a reality.

Adam Cope